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Beat the report card blues with Twine

It is hard to believe that the end of the first grading period is almost upon us. The school year is nearly a quarter of the way over and it is time to start thinking about sending out the first set of report cards for the year.

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Make planning out your new school a breeze with Twine

So, you’re planning to open a new school. Congrats! This adventure is hard work, but incredibly rewarding. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are quite a few steps involved in the planning process, many of which entail feedback or other involvement by your team of mentors, partners, or future board of directors.

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Digital portfolios are a win-win-win for your school

With the school year getting underway, many of your teachers are probably starting to think about the long-term progress they hope to see their students make this year. Over the course of a school-year, students produce large quantities of work, and compiling this work is great for demonstrating student growth, as well as allowing teachers using alternative grading systems to evaluate student achievement for their final grades.

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Open your new school with a cutting-edge blended learning curriculum

One of the many exciting parts of starting a new school is envisioning what you want the day-to-day activities in your classrooms to look like. One approach that is making big headway is using blended learning to enhance and improve the traditional classroom experience. By combining in-class and online activities in a variety of ways, teachers and administrators can create the blended learning program that works best for their class or school. These blended-learning models allow for teachers to more easily differentiate instruction, for parents to be more active and involved in their child’s education, and for students to build technology literacy while working in their core academic areas.

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Increase family engagement with a school management system

As a new school year starts, schools and families return to their normal routines. Teachers send out welcome letters to parents and talk to students about class expectations, and parents have the same “What did you do at school today” conversations with their children.

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Embrace one of these alternative grading systems in 2018

There are so many things that make private schools great, special, and unique. One of the things we hear schools promote when talking to us about what they have to offer is alternative systems for student assessment.

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Simplify back-to-school prep with a combined SIS/LMS

As we head into August, many schools are prepping for back-to-school – some are even starting as early as this week! For teachers and principals this time of year means working out logistics, getting students where they need to be, and setting up classrooms and schools for the first day of school.

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Types of Schools: a Primer

As someone thinking about opening a school, you’ve probably spent some time reading through rules and regulations and trying to determine the best first steps in your process. One thing that can be tricky is knowing all of the different types of schools and what distinguishes them from one another. Some of the differences are pretty nuanced!

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Give your teachers and faculty a whole-student view

One of the things that is so important in education is consistency and continuity in how students are taught. Each year, teachers and staff make connections with students, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and find novel ways to reach that particular student. But, in many cases, the next year teachers start from scratch, almost negating the work the previous teacher spent so much time on.

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Simplify your school’s clubs and organizations with this tool

With only a few more weeks left until school starts, you’re probably starting to think about how to make this year run more smoothly than the last. Outside of their regular teaching duties, one area your teachers can focus on is dealing with student clubs and organizations.

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Tie yourself to success

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