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Get your STEM curriculum planning underway with these resources

STEM planning

As you’ve started thinking about your new school, you’ve probably put some time into curriculum planning and what types of courses you’d like your school to offer. Although our new school planning guide has some great options for curriculum development, there’s always room for more resources when it comes to thinking about the most important component of your new school. In today’s blog, we’ll focus on STEM courses, but check back in two weeks for some great resources for the arts and humanities.

  • National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center – This organization has developed curriculum in various STEM topics and allows access to educators who sign up on their website. These resources are for grades K-12 and primarily focus on hands-on, project-driven learning.
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization International Bureau of Education – In partnership with the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, IBE-UNESCO developed a gender-responsive STEM program. Their really thorough document outlines ways to promote STEM education among girls and young women and ways to make activities more gender-friendly.
  • National Education Association – Although they have tons of resources of all kinds on their website, the NEA has a particularly great list of STEM resources for teachers, including curriculum resources and professional development opportunities for educators.
  • Afterschool Alliance – This organization typically focuses on providing afterschool programs for students, particularly for those who might not otherwise have access to them due to cost or availability. Many of these activities can be used or slightly modified to work in a classroom setting, and their list of STEM resources is excellent.
  • Education Week – This publication focuses on resources, tips and tricks for teachers. This particular article focuses on the major characteristics a great STEM lesson embodies, as well as some things to keep in mind when creating lessons for students.

Whether you’re just starting to think about curriculum or you’re well on your way to opening your school, these resources are a great way to get you thinking about how to incorporate STEM into your courses.

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