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4 tips to help with teacher recruitment

teacher recruitment

As the 2018-2019 school year heads into the final months, it is time for those of you planning to open your new schools next year to start recruiting and hiring teachers. In many schools, this is the time where final evaluations are taking place and contract extensions for next year and being offered. In order to find well-qualified teachers to get your school up and running in the fall, you’ll want to start thinking about starting your hiring process.

Here are some things to consider as you start to search for teachers:

  • Have a great website with all the right info – If you don’t already have something set up, now is the time to ensure you’ve got a school website with information about your school, projected opening date, academic focus (if you’ve got one), and place for potential teachers to contact you if they’re interested.
  • Reach out to local colleges -- If you’re willing to take on a new teacher or two, local colleges and universities can put you in touch with promising young teachers finishing up their student teaching assignments. This is a great time of year since many students are graduating shortly.
  • Be visible in your community – If your school is on a major road, don’t be afraid to put up a bright shiny new sign or hold an open house to attract potential teachers (and students!)
  • Advertise on teacher recruiting websites – There are plenty of great online resources for teacher recruiting, including teachers-teachers.com, com, and k12jobspot.com. Listing open teaching jobs on these sites is a good way to get exposure to potential teachers from across the country. 

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