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Uniform or no uniform: that is the question!


A NCES survey showed that more than half of all private schools in the US require uniforms as part of their dress code. There’s no official rule that says private schools have to adhere to a uniform dress code, but often administrators at private schools choose to do so.

So, what’s your plan for students: uniforms or no uniforms?

Here are some things to think about:

  • Cost – Depending on your tuition and fee costs, parents and students might be stretching thin when it comes to school expenses. If you’re going to require students to have uniforms, do you have a plan to provide assistance for families who can’t afford a new wardrobe right now?
  • Availability – Try to make school uniforms easy for parents to procure. If you’re doing a school polo or something along those lines, it is probably best to order in bulk from a shirt company and sell them to families at the school. If you’re going with solid colors, families will have more options to find something online or locally.
  • Function/utility – Walk through what a typical day at school is like for your students. Dress pants and tucked in shirts might look professional, but will it work in an average classroom? Do you have outdoor activities? Be sure to plan for cold or hot days and what modifications students can make to their uniforms while still meeting requirements
  • Enforcement – Some schools opt for uniforms to avoid dress-code related conflicts, especially with older students. Uniforms don’t eliminate this need completely. Who on your staff will be responsible for uniform compliance and what will the course of action be for students who are not in proper uniform? Will you have extras on hand for students to borrow? How will you track infractions and what are the consequences? With Twine, you can track student discipline issues, ensuring staff and parents are all aware of any concerns and how often they are taking place.
  • Communication – Once you’ve decided what your policy is going to be, having clear and consistent communication with students and families is crucial. With Twine, you can send out newsletters, as well as individual communication to parents and students, making keeping everyone on the same page a breeze.

There are definitely lots of things to consider when making your school’s dress-code decision. Even if you choose to avoid uniforms altogether, you’ve got a whole set of policies and procedures to consider!

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