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The best of both worlds: how a combined SIS/LMS can benefit your school

In previous posts we explained some of the major features found in two common types of school administration software: student information systems and learning management systems. (If you’re not sure what you need, our checklist can help.)

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Is your student data safe and secure?

An important question facing all schools is how to collect and store student information.

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Work smarter and keep parents happy with 2 new features from Twine

You may be familiar with many of the ways Twine helps keep parents in the loop, from class news and activities to school announcements, schedules, student grades, and more. For schools that want to take the next step, we recently added our Advanced Parent Communications option, providing two powerful new tools:

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Make grading more efficient with Twine

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Make your school's software transition a breeze with these four tips

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3 unexpected ways to leverage attendance data

When it comes to school attendance, it is relatively easy to see that students who come to class more consistently are likely to perform better – students with a high rate of absenteeism miss valuable instruction time, instructions for assignments, and the opportunity to ask questions and get help.

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How you can make extracurriculars easy to manage

Your classroom and lesson plans are ready, students have arrived, and the school year is finally underway. As everyone gets settled into their routines, there is still one big hurdle for staff, teachers, and families alike: setting up school clubs and organizations.

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How students gained a half-grade in just weeks

A team of researchers from several US universities recently demonstrated that students learn best when classroom learning is augmented with online access to materials and discussion. This approach, often called “blended learning”, improved student test scores by nearly 5 points – half of a letter grade – over a period of just a few weeks.

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Getting the most from student portfolios

As the school year starts many teachers are looking for new ways to approach old lessons. Student portfolios, already a classroom staple for teachers, are a great place to start.

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Focus on these 4 things to keep parents happy at the start of the year

A new school year is right around the corner, and with it comes the chance to make a first impression on new families and to welcome returning students back. In the realm of private schools, it is especially important to start the year off right, because students and families haven chosen your school specifically – and you want to show them they made the right choice!

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